Hort And Pott

HORT AND POTT IS A CONSTANTLY EVOLVING DESTINATION SHOP in Oak hill ny. we purvey bespoke botanical craft, home and garden elements as well as creative workshops and installations

Crimson Swirl

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Crimson Swirl


20” W x 27” H

/ Winter 2019 Collection

Hand-woven, sustainably foraged and crafted with eloquence – This new winter 2019 small collection of wreaths celebrates colors and the warmth of seasons past. Dyed and painted botanical elements are a way of bringing visual warmth back into the home.

Each one of kind botanical creation is imbued with a lifelong passion of working with natural elements. Invite one of these stunning, organic and elemental piece of timeless décor into your seasons.

We expect our dyed botanical works to last for up to 2 years with proper storage and away from the elements.

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